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Foreclosure Education

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Rules for Bidding at a Colorado Public Trustee Sale

PRIOR TO SALE: Notices of Sale are emailed to you each Wednesday night. The sale date shown in the data is the first scheduled sale date for the property; the property will not be sold before this date. However, sale dates can be postponed (or "continued") at the discretion of the foreclosing party.

Colorado Foreclosure Process and Time Frames

DELINQUENCY: The day after a payment is due, a loan is DELINQUENT if there are no other unpaid payments. If the grace period runs until the 16th of each month (as it does for all FHA loans) and payments are posted each month on the 10th, then the loan becomes DELINQUENT for a short period each month.

DEFAULT: A loan is IN DEFAULT as soon as any payment has been due and unpaid for more than 30 days. Lenders often have subdivided collection departments dealing with loans that are in different stages or default.

What is a Foreclosure?

In Colorado, a foreclosure occurs when a borrower has defaulted on a loan that is secured with a Deed of Trust on real property.

The lender demands that their attorney foreclose on the defaulted deed of trust.

The attorney orders a foreclosure certificate from a title company and prepares the paperwork to send to the proper Colorado County Public Trustee.

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