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Terms and Conditions - Single User License, LLC makes no representation or warranties about the accuracy or adequacy of these reports.

Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided,, LLC cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from any omissions or errors contained herein., LLC assumes no liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of this data. Your purchase of foreclosure data or services from, LLC constitutes acceptance of this policy.


At, LLC we go to great lengths to error check and correct the data that we obtain from the Public Trustee of each county. This involves crosschecking the data with public records, performing hundreds of manual error corrections, and making several phone calls to Public Trustee offices each week.

However, on the average, we receive more than 600 new records per week and the number of errors that we find each week can total more than 150. The records that are not consistent with the Public Trustee are indicated in the "TextUpdates" document that is linked in the weekly email that each customer receives (and sometimes also included in the actual text of the e-mail). This "TextUpdates" file is extremely important and must be read each week., LLC provides data as quickly as possible after the Public Trustees make the new NEDs public and after the public auctions. There may be slight delays between when these records are filed by the Public Trustee and when they are included in your lists. For example, an NED may be filed in Arapahoe County on a Thursday but the record is not included in our list until Friday morning. Or a sale may happen in Summit County on Friday but the results are not included in our list until the next Tuesday. In addition, there may be some other delays due to Public Trustee policies, weather, Public Trustee software issues, availability of data, etc., LLC cannot be held responsible or liable for any losses or damages due to delays of data.

IMPORTANT: Unless you have purchased a specific special-use license,, LLC does not allow sharing of data with others, nor do we allow resale of our Foreclosure Lists or other reports and additional services., LLC provides data and services for the exclusive use of ONE person or legitimate entity.  A legitimate entity is defined as a company or partnership in which the use of the data purchased from, LLC benefits the entire entity.  As an example, usage by a Realty Brokerage would be appropriate only if the leads generated were shared equally among all Realtors in the brokerage.  If each Realtor were to use the list for to generate his/her own leads, each Realtor would have to have his/her own subscription.  Similarly, partners working the Foreclosure List together and sharing the profits (and costs) resulting from its use are considered one legitimate entity.

The use of, LLC's Online Foreclosure Database that is included with your subscription is likewise limited to the exclusive use of ONE person or legitimate entity.

If any customer is found to be in violation of this policy, their service will be immediately terminated and all subscription fees forfeited. We reserve the right to occasionally include test data in our weekly list to check for violations of this policy.