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Why provides the fastest, most accurate, and most comprehensive foreclosure lists in the Denver Metro Area. Each week, we gather the information directly from the Public Trustee of each county, supplement it with public records and multiple listing information, then correct the data for errors and inconsistencies. Each customer's list is then customized to their own personal specifications. Finally, we email our customers the resulting New and Sold foreclosure lists for 25 Colorado counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Eagle, Elbert, Fremont, Garfield, Gilpin, Gunnison, Jefferson, La Plata, Larimer, Mesa, Park, Pitkin, Pueblo, Routt, Summit, Teller, and Weld Counties.

Other Denver-Metro and National companies

Information is updated multiple times a week and is emailed to you. Get more information earlier than anyone else!

Why wait until late Thursday or Friday? Or in some instances 8 to 30 days? Timeliness is imperative in the competitive foreclosure business.

We correct name and address mistakes made by the Public Trustees (and there are plenty of them). No one else has the system we have in place to catch these errors. Why waste your time with incorrect data?

Other companies don't bother to correct Public Trustee information. They send you exactly the same information they receive. If it's wrong, it won't help you and might hurt you!

Our prices are low and include everything:

  • foreclosure lists
  • unlimited database access
  • list customizations
  • mail merge fields
  • labels* and/or letters/postcards/envelopes*
  • etc.

*There is a low one-time set-up fee if you want us to create your mail-merge documents for you.


Other companies charge you fees for your data, extra fees for mailing labels, then even more fees for database searches. By the time you add it all up you're paying more than you thought you would be!

Information is sent to you immediately via email.

What good is a fax? You have to re-type all the information into your own database, then maintain it yourself.

Data provided in standard .csv format, customized to your needs, which can be read into any popular spreadsheet or database software.  Premium Subscribers can choose to have their data in Excel format.

Information is delivered via snail mail, CD-ROM, or fax! This wastes your valuable time. Also, you might have to edit or re-enter the data.

We let you customize your foreclosure list to your specifications.

  • Get as much or as little data as you want per foreclosure.
  • You can change the order of the data columns and even the column headings.
  • Have us pre-filter your data (based on property characteristics, zip codes, new foreclosures only, etc.)to save you time.
  • Choose Excel or CSV format.
  • Get your lists each weekday or just once a week (Wednesdays).
  • And More!

All this is included in your subscription price. (Some features only apply to the Premium Subscription Level. Click here for more information)


You get what they say you get. If anything more is available, it will probably cost you to get it.

Our online database provides information as soon as it is updated for all members. This service is free to our subscribers.

The other companies charge extra for this service and their fees can be exorbitant.

We are based in the Denver-Metro area and maintain a relationship with the office of each County Public Trustee. Since we gather our information locally, we can verify its accuracy and quickly correct for any inconsistencies.

Foreclosure lists provided by national companies tend to withhold important details and information, supplying only generic, possibly outdated records.

Your privacy is very important to us. We will never reveal your personal information to third parties. Period.  As a current subscriber, we may occastionally e-mail promotional or information material about our company or other offers we feel are relevant to our subscriber base.  Former subscribers will also receive these e-mails unless they contact us to remove them from our e-mail list.

Most other services provide only what the Public Trustee does. Sometimes only in a faxed document. Our data is emailed in Excel form or comma-delimited (CSV) form for direct input into popular spreadsheet formats. In addition, our proprietary software allows us to run the data through a public records and public listing search, make corrections to information supplied by the various Public Trustees, then pass the data on to you. We give you much more information than the Public Trustee provides in order for you to make better investment decisions.