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Downloading Attachments from Web-based Email Programs

These instructions should be good for web-email on a Windows98, Windows 2000, or Windows XP machine.

The first item to accomplish here is to get the file onto your computer.

Open your email message as you normally would. You should be able to see a file attachment in the email - most likely located close to the subject line (although in some email programs the attachments are located below the body text). It may be different in your system - look around.

When you locate the attachment, first verify that it shows up as a hypertext link (like that seen in most websites) or as an icon. Do NOT click it.

Right-click the link/icon and choose "Save Target As", or "Save File As" or whatever choice you can identify that is something close. Click this.

Now you should have a file dialog box that allows you to choose where to put the file. To make things simple we are going to put it onto your Desktop. Click the top left pull-down labeled "Save in" and then click "Desktop".

Now, click the pull-down labeled "Save as type" just below the file name. Choose "All Files". Verify that the file name is what you would like it to be but do not click "Save" yet. Next to the last letter in the file name type ".csv" as in "MyFileName.csv".

Now click "Save".

If all went well, at this point the file should download and appear on your desktop with the correct file extension. If Excel has been properly installed on your computer you should be able to double-click the file and it should open into Excel.